Motorola DM1600 – Connect Without Distraction

Motorola DM1600 – Connect Without Distraction

Designed for the everyday driver, this Motorola two-way radio lets you connect without distraction. It’s simple to use and backed by the same gruelling ALT testing as public safety equipment.

The DM1600 is available as an analogue-only model or digital, giving you the flexibility to migrate to the latest technology at your own pace. Digital benefits include superior audio and greater coverage.

Dual Capacity Direct Mode

The Dual Capacity Direct Mode feature allows you to double the capacity of a 12.5 kHz channel without the need for repeaters. The DM1600 is the only 2-slot radio in the industry to support this capability. The DMR digital radio standard breaks a frequency into two independent “timeslots.” Normally, the timeslots cannot be used at the same time unless they are synchronized to a central timing reference such as a repeater. Using the DM1600’s Dual Capacity Direct Mode feature, all radios occupying a single simplex channel can be synchronized to each other – enabling you to take full advantage of the spectral efficiency of DMR.

The DM1400 and DM1600 are built to last and backed by Motorola’s 2-year standard warranty, plus one-year for Motorola-branded accessories. They are also rated IP54 to withstand dust and splashes. These rugged, feature-packed handheld radios are ideally suited for your demanding operations.

The DM1400 and DM1600 feature a bright, high-contrast alphanumeric display for viewing information at a glance, including caller ID, channel number and contacts. They are compatible with the MOTOTRBO Solutions portfolio of mobile and portable devices, from voice-only mobiles to professional enhanced radios. And you can choose motorola dm1600 analogue only models, allowing you to upgrade to digital when the time is right for your organization – all it takes is a software upgrade.

Alphanumeric Display

Alphanumeric Display is a feature that allows the radio to display letters and numbers in a high contrast color. It can display any letter, capital and lower case, numbers, as well as punctuation marks such as a period or comma. Unlike the more common seven-segment digital tube that can only display the numbers 0-9, alphanumeric displays consist of fourteen individual LED elements that are lit in different combinations to form characters.

The Alphanumeric display also comes in a variety of sizes, typically identified by the number of rows and columns of LEDs. For example, a 16×2 display has 16 characters in two rows. These can be used for many purposes, from simple text to display settings and caller ID. They can even be programmed to display the time of day.

Another option for alphanumeric LCDs is to use a color backlight, such as blue. This makes it easier to read the display at a glance. Another advantage of an alphanumeric display is that it can be driven with less current, reducing the size of the micro controller needed to control the display.

Motorola’s DM1600 Series radios are built to last. They’ve been subjected to rigorous testing in Motorola’s Accelerated Life Test program to simulate a five-year period of hard service, and are backed by a two-year warranty. Plus, Service from the Start provides multi-year peace of mind with fast repair turnaround times and expert telephone technical support.

Analogue/Digital Capability

The DM1600 mobile radio provides the freedom to migrate to digital at your own pace. Just gradually replace your existing fleet with analogue-only models and then upgrade to digital with a simple software package when you’re ready.

This mobile offers all the benefits of digital technology, such as enhanced audio quality and improved coverage, while remaining compatible with your existing radio fleet. It also includes advanced MOTOTRBO business-essential features, such as transmit interrupt capability (decode only) to allow supervisors to prioritize critical communication from the field. A simple, high-contrast alphanumeric display makes it easy for vehicle drivers to view important information, such as settings and caller ID, at a glance.

This durable two-way radio is built to last and backed by Motorola’s two-year standard warranty. It is also a Motorola-branded accessory and is covered by the Motorola Service From the Start program, which provides multi-year peace of mind with fast repair turnaround times and expert telephone technical motorola dm1600 support. All of this adds up to a radio that you can trust to keep your people connected and productive, day after day.

Transmit Interrupt Capability (decode only)

Whether you’re driving buses/trams, transporting cargo or dispatching lorries, the MOTOTRBO DM1600 Series mobile radio will help keep your people reliably and cost-effectively connected so they can communicate, coordinate and collaborate. This analogue/digital mobile radio offers the benefits of the latest technology – from superior audio quality to greater coverage – and is compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO business-essential features like transmit interrupt (decode only) that prioritize critical communication. Its bright, high-contrast alphanumeric display allows drivers to easily view settings and caller ID at a glance. And the analogue-only model gives you the option to upgrade to digital whenever you’re ready, via a software license.

Designed to meet the demands of everyday use, this rugged mobile is easy to operate and built to last. It is IP54 dustproof and splashproof, MIL-STD 810 compliant and has passed Motorola’s innovative Accelerated Life Test regime, meaning you can work with confidence in challenging environments.

The DM1600 is also easy to program in bulk using the Radio Management Tool, giving you error-free results and optimized performance. And with optional Service from the Start, you get multi-year peace of mind that includes fast repair turnaround times, expert telephone technical support and access to the latest software upgrades. You can also choose to purchase a warranty extension plan, adding additional years of coverage. These services are available from Motorola Solutions’ global network of service centres.